Guterres Now At The UN

Richard Gowan, a UN expert at the European Council on Foreign Relations, said insiders believed Mr Guterres, from Portugal, “could give the UN the kind of kick up the backside it needs”.

Antonio Guterres has been elected to become head of the UN, ‘the most impossible job in the world’, as from January 1st next year. He’s a good guy, compassionate, calm, intelligent and highly experienced both politically and diplomatically. 

He was Portugal’s prime minister between ’95 and ’02 and it appeared to me at the time that he ultimately lost the job for not being corruptible – to get an idea of just how eye-wateringly corrupt Portuguese politics usually are see Jose Socrates – and as the first two things I personally think whenever the United Nations is mentioned are corruption and ineffectiveness I have some hope that Guterres will improve the situation there.

If he truly isn’t corrupt, let’s hope he stays that way. I wish him luck in his new position.

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