I’m continuing to suggest, slightly mischievously as it should probably be forty-five, that the vote for whether or not England should remain in the European Union should be restricted to those aged thirty-five or less. 

I haven’t really thought that through to any great degree but my general idea is that a vote to leave will probably take ten years to be fully implemented and so the vote should be left to those who will be most affected by the outcome – i.e. those now aged thirty-five and below as it will most effect them, their children and their children’s children, and so on. 

I came up with this idea firstly as it seems to me that by far the most chat and opinion on the net about the leave or remain option is being made by those older than thirty-five. Generally the most vocal seem to be in the forty-five to sixty age group – the people who will be either retiring, retired or dead by the time any exit vote is fully implemented taking into account the many trade agreements etc. that will need to be remade.

Secondly, I was curious as to the reaction the idea would get from the older age group when faced with the reality that pretty soon they (and I) will be retired, economically irrelevant, or dead. Overall, and as expected, it has been one of a moment of uncomfortable silence followed by the response that they are sure that they will still be around in twenty or thirty years! 

Good luck with that.