Selfie Dysmorphia

I’m not usually one to say I told you so, but in this post I said;

Then what really finished it off was seeing that there was an app called Facetune that teens (and presumably other age groups too) were using to automagically produce selfies that were ready-made social media ‘optimised’ distortions of their real appearance.
How is that going to work out for people when they look in a mirror and the real them is ‘less’ than the ‘optimised’ version? Not too well.

And sure enough, in The Guardian yesterday came this article; “Faking it: How selfie dysmorphia is causing people to seek surgery”

Social media… It’s not too sociable.

Against The Grain

Nasar Ullah Khan is lying in a hospital bed in Birmingham. He is 38 and has weeks, if not days, left to live. Khan, a Pakistani national who came to the UK nine years ago and overstayed his visa, was refused a lifesaving heart transplant just before Christmas because of his ineligibility for free healthcare. Now he’s been told that he will be charged before he can receive end-of-life care. He was handed his first invoice for £16,000 on New Year’s Eve, days after he was told he would probably die within a month. The payment for hospital treatment already received is due at the end of January.

I’m getting a Portuguese passport to go along with my British passport, but I have no intention to give up my British citizenship. However, having just read the above story about Nasar Ullah Khan, if it weren’t for family reasons I’d be happy to burn my British passport in protest.