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Recipe: Polish Christmas Cookies

And now for something completely different; Polish Christmas cookie recipes.

I had no idea at all that these Christmas cookies existed, but now that I have seen them the temptation to try making some one day is quite strong.

Incidentally, about ten years ago or so I got into collecting up recipes and posting them here to the blog, and if I remember correctly there ended up being about one thousand of them. So using the search box on the side here for recipes can be interesting. 


  1. Brings to mind the Lebkuchen from christmasses of my youth. My father was born in West Berlin in 1938. Great memories, I can smell the warm cinnamon… :-)

    • I have never heard of Lebkuchen before, but will look it up as I recently spent a couple years in Sweden and they are not afraid to heap cinnamon into things – which was just fine by me (even if to begin with the amount they add to things was by Brit standards quite worrying :)).

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