Words, Flags And Racism

“Racism, we are not cured of it,” President Obama said. “And it’s not just a matter of it not being polite to say nigger in public.”

That’s true, so instead of changing words, let’s remove a flag…

The flag was embraced by the man accused of killing nine people in a black church last week.”

…because removing a flag is sure to ‘cure’ racism.

8 thoughts on “Words, Flags And Racism

    1. I thought the bbc news article was kind of ironic too with it describing the church in question as a ‘black church’…in a news piece about racism! Couldn’t make it up.

      1. Don’t get me started on news items – I ban myself from reading/watching most, these days………… It’s better for everyone, really :-)

  1. Thankfully we don’t get hail like that very often – What wasn’t mentioned was that in the same week as the crops were ruined, the car broke down and the dog died – I’d have written a blues song but the guitars were still in the UK at that time………
    I sometimes smuggle a musical reference into my posts – it cheers me up, if nothing else!
    I’m waiting for the comment about the jam – after your post from last month….

    1. Uh, tough week. One of my dogs died last week too, it was expected but still…

      You play blues hm? Yes jam comment will probably appear, just need to think one up. In brighter news, the chickens down the road started laying eggs apparently so the world is not completely ending. :)

      1. Clucking egg-cellent news! Lemon curd all round!
        Sorry to hear about your dog – expected or not, it’s still a tough time when they leave us

  2. I see that your dog had Leishmaniasis, Sue. Mine had too (though that wasn’t what he died of, he had Lymphoma too though that might have been brought on by the Leishmaniasis). My other dog here also has Leishmaniasis, so I know the pills and potions thing well, and the furry chemical weapon! :).

    Anyway – you probably know this already but for others reading – what I was going to say is that there is an effective vaccination for Leishmania now for puppies. It can’t do anything for the dogs that already have the illness but can stop others from ever getting it, which is great news. Hopefully that will at least stop it being an endemic disease even if it doesn’t get rid of it completely.

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